Luci Wheat

Luci Wheat moved to Prescott Valley in 2017. Driven by her unwavering commitment to her community, she has made it her mission to connect with its members. She resides with her husband Steven and shares their lives with two children and two stepchildren. Although she was born and raised in Houston, Texas, where most of her family still resides, fate brought her to Napa, California, where she met her husband, a dedicated Sergeant with the Highway Patrol.

Luci’s professional background was in the medical field, but when she relocated to Prescott Valley, she took a different path, obtaining her real estate license. This became her gateway to familiarizing herself with the area and initiating her outreach efforts through volunteer work. Her first project involved showing appreciation to our local law enforcement agencies, through Appreciation Bags filled with thoughtful goodies, all made possible through generous donations from friends and acquaintances.

Subsequently, she delved into the political arena and recognized a pressing need for more outreach to women to make their presence known in our community. Her journey began with becoming a member of multiple women’s groups. This was merely the inception of what was to come. In collaboration with a friend, they founded XYZ Inclusive, a dynamic organization dedicated to hosting events and educational opportunities tailored to the XYZ generation.

She graduated from the prestigious Dodie Londen of Excellence in Public Service Series, an elite leadership and public service program. This led her to assume positions focused on grassroots initiatives in support of local issues, such as the Chairwoman of the Yavapai Republican National Hispanic Assembly, Regional Director for a U.S. Senate campaign and then transitioning to political committee Regional Director. Today, Luci serves as a board member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Prescott.

Luci is grateful for the opportunity to serve. Her journey in fundraising, community involvement, and political leadership reflects a commitment to the principles that have made America a great place for Hispanic communities to raise their children.


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