We are Hispanic families and business owners that believe in the American dream.


Hispanic Liberty Alliance wants to protect the values and culture that has made Arizona a great place to live — Pro-Family, Pro-Business and Pro-Freedom.


Whether born here or immigrants, Hispanics have an important role in enriching this country. We strive for the American dream and take pride in the invaluable contributions we make to the nation that has welcomed many of us. We want to preserve our precious heritage and unite our communities.

Civic Engagement

We firmly believe that active communities are a powerful source for positive changes at a local and national level. Our purpose is to empower you so you can shape the future of our Hispanic Communities. You have a voice and can play an active role in influencing meaningful change. Furthermore, accountability is the cornerstone of a healthy society. We are responsible for making politicians accountable, upholding our values, and working towards our best interests.

Here is how your involvement can make a difference:


Connecting with your elected officials by voicing your concerns at public meetings or through direct contact.

Informed Participation

Learn the legislative process, bills, and policies that affect you, your business, and your family. Knowledge is power, and informed citizens are better equipped to demand accountability.

Get Involved

Engage in community discussions, attend school board meetings, town hall meetings, city council meetings, and any government meetings, and become part of groups that share your concerns.


Continuously educate yourself about important issues and share your knowledge.


Mobilize your community to advocate for policies that align with your shared values and priorities.


Your voice and vote matters. Are you eligible to vote? Click here to register to vote or update your voter registration in AZ:

Your involvement makes a difference, and your participation can help shape a brighter future for our Hispanic community. Join us! Let’s connect!

Empowering Business Owners & Economic Prosperity

Our priority is to advance the interests and success of Hispanic business owners. Businesses are the backbone of our local economy, and we realize the various challenges and opportunities. We encourage you to pursue economic growth, thrive, and ensure that your voice is heard.

Here are some ways to ensure your voice is heard:


Connect with like-minded Hispanic business owners and leaders.

Learn About Legislation

Stay informed about bills that significantly impact your business.

Avoid Government Overreach

Fewer regulations, less red tape, and lower taxes.

Educational Opportunities 

We believe that every child deserves access to a quality education.  That’s why we’re here to empower Hispanic families with the knowledge needed to make the best choices for their children. Education should be tailored to your child, not the way around.

Important information regarding your childs education:

School Choice

Arizona is a leading state in providing school choice options for families.  You’re not constrained to sending your child to the public school assigned to your zip code. Instead, you can explore various educational paths: Public Schools, Charter Schools, Private Schools, and Religious Schools if they align with your family’s values, and lastly, Home Schooling.


Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) are crucial to this educational landscape. In Arizona, every K-12 student is eligible to receive funding through ESAs. These funds can support your child’s education, covering expenses such as school tuition, uniforms, books, therapies, transportation, computers, and more. Applying for ESAs is simple, requiring only your child’s birth certificate and proof of residency.  Your child’s future begins here! For more information, click here:

Know YOur Government

If you want to know who your U.S. Congress or U.S. Senate representatives are:
If you want to know who your Arizona Legislators are:
If you have issues with your city:

Please get in touch with your councilman or city manager.

If you have issues with your county:

Please contact the county supervisor. For instance, here is the Maricopa County website:

If you have issues with federal agencies:

Please contact your U.S. Congressman or Senator if you have issues with federal agencies such as USCIS, IRS, Medicare, SS, Post Office, Military, etc.

If you have issues with AZ state agencies:

Issues with AZ state agencies such as the Department of Economic Security, Arizona Department of Transportation, Arizona Department of Health Services, etc. You may contact any of the following:


  1. Your legislator at:
  2. Governor’s Hobbs constituent services:
  3. Ombudsman, Citizens Aide Office:

Make a difference!
Join our alliance;
your voice matters!


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