Raudys Ramirez

Raudys Casenave-Cambet was born and raised on the island of Cuba, the descendants of working parents, a mother a physics and astronomy teacher, and a father with a career in accounting, he has an amazingly talented brother, a doctor of medicine. Raudys did not see any future in Cuba since he was a very young boy in a very difficult adolescence under an economic crisis suffered by the whole country repressed by the Cuban Revolution, and he began to open his eyes to a sad reality that his future would be far away from his land, and for thinking differently, he was singled out by everyone. He began a career in Architecture in the 2000’s at the prestigious Oriente University, one of the most important universities in Cuba in the east of the country, where he stood out as student president, leading a leadership of protection for his classmates and professors, trying to support them and solve problems. This provoked an outbreak in 2005 with a strike of more than 3000 students in the streets, the hunger crisis and the need for water and the many violent acts of violence in the university led him to join with 46 other students to confront the directors of the university to seek solutions. With the support of more than 3000 students, they went out to protest in the streets of Santiago de Cuba, seeking freedom of expression so that their ideas could not be silenced. Of course, the Cuban authorities did not like these situations at all and all the student leaders who were in the front lines were expelled from the University and persecuted by the Cuban authorities. Even after being expelled from the university, Raudys never stopped improving himself and looking for ways to continue growing. Thanks to friends who knew he had a great talent for detail, Raudys received an invitation to become a new student at one of the schools of Arts where he graduated in Dramaturgy of the Image at the ISA among other very important film schools, with a professional career as a cameraman and an infinite love for the crystal clear waters and reefs of the island he decided to move to the Cuban capital looking for success in his career as Cameraman and underwater photography, He managed to work at the ICRT as a cartoonist animator for a children’s television program, after three months he started a national project where he learned a lot with the National Aquarium of Cuba where thanks to a great friend he learned much more about marine life.

Raudys after some time he managed to leave the country to South America in Ecuador where he only earned 13 dollars a month. So, when he was offered a temporary job in Ecuador earning $100 a week, he didn’t hesitate to leave. Instead, shortly after arriving in Ecuador, he embarked on a harrowing 3,290-mile journey to the U.S. It took him 5 months to reach Laredo, Texas, protected by the Cuban Adjustment Act. Soon, that might not be so easy. Raudys is one of tens of thousands of so-called “wet foot, dry foot” Cubans covered at the time by the law that made them refugees and protected them from the clutches of the Cuban government. Under the policy, known as “wet foot, dry foot,” Cubans who set foot on U.S. soil are paroled and a year later are granted a green card. Many Cubans die in the attempt being victims of murder, abducted, raped and raped women while making a crossing through several Latin American countries in order to reach the land of Liberty, while some die being eaten by sharks in the blood-stained waters within 90 miles of Cuba and American waters. Those who are caught at sea are returned to Cuba. Many Cubans have managed to find true freedom, but they have paid a very high price.

There are people who leave Cuba because of political repression and who have been singled out for persecution. “But there are others who flee because they want to be reunited with their families. They want to have more opportunities in the United States, so the motivations are mixed.” Raudys manages to overcome suffering what every immigrant has to pay the price of being away from his family, but becoming the breadwinner who feeds and helps his family, getting for his experience to start working in an aquarium, starts working to improve his second language, English, graduating with excellent grades in film school finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Cinematography and Film Production.  After that he starts his own business opening his own production company (Paradise Dreams Film Production) and it is where he continues to grow as a film producer in 2008 traveling to several countries to create a dream come true a way to fight for the freedom of the human being. Capturing powerful images creating commercials and documentaries in the Caribbean islands, he has directed and produced an international film production, (FRIEND AT WAR). Created with a co-production between five countries and successfully produced, obtaining the recognition of the top management of the Government of the Dutch Island of Curacao. Achieving with them the way to show the world the reality of Cuba, and its evils that haunt it every day. Today Raudys Casenave Cambet is one of the film producers who tries to fight every day against injustice with his genuine ideas always with justice and with freedom of expression, without any concealment, achieving great success in his career as a Product thanks to his work for many clients around the world and within the United States, clients such as Origins Production, Martha Productions, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (AZHCC), he is a member of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (AZHCC). (AZHCC)Realtor Vila Corporativos, Consulate of Mexico, Creando Alianzas, Clean Stitch LLC, Lugari Pet Salon, Hobby Print. Raudys is also a supplier to the City of Phoenix, the City of Scottsdale and the City of Glendale Arizona, and has supported the Tohono O’odham Tribe in Southern Arizona, Tucson, and Ajo.

In conclusion Raudys continues to fight for full freedom, following her principles believing that Humanity can change, but someone has to go out and defend it, with sincere creativity, supporting her family and all those she loves.


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